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Timing Belt Broken?     Engine suddenly stopped?


Then HELP!!!     Serious engine damage could have happened. It may cost around £800 to repair!


To stop this happening, find out when the timing belt on your car (if fitted) is due for routine replacement and have it done promptly.


Phone us to find out when the timing belt is due for replacement.


The interval varies with different cars but it can be as little as every 40,000 miles or 4 years whichever is sooner.

We fit quality replacement kits which usually include new pulleys and tensioners as well as the belt to ensure a reliable repair.

We record the replacement in the service record wherever possible for future reference.



Not all cars use timing belts in the engine - some use timing chains which do not usually require routine replacement.

Call us to find out if your car has a timing belt and when it is due for replacement.

Timing chains and VVTi or Vanos variable timing repaired/ replaced.