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 Tyre Ratings

From November 2012, Tyres sold have a tyre performance rating label.

This has been updated in May 2021.


This covers 3 aspects of tyre performance.


Fuel Economy       Rated from "A" - Best Fuel economy to "E" - Poorest                            fuel economy.

Wet Grip             Rated from "A" - Best Wet grip / Braking to "E" -                                 Poorest Wet grip / Braking.

Noise                 Rated from "A" - Quietest  to "C" - Noisiest  with the                           noise level in dB (e.g. 70 dB)

Snow and Ice performance icons also shown.

This information will appear on your Invoice.

These performance ratings vary for Budget tyres while more expensive tyres may or may not have better ratings!

Ask us if you want tyres to meet a minimum rating or need more information when ordering.


Visit the Tyre Manufacturer's websites for more information.  

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Old Label (2012-21)

New Label (2021 on)